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Databases let you work "Smarter not Harder"

 If you are currently using Databases you know their Power, and how they can help your business. If you are not currently using a database for your projects, you don't know what you are missing. Databases can come in many sizes and forms, from simple to complex. Let me work with you to find a better way to keep track of things. 

  • Database design in Access
  • Design user interface
  • Setup data Import & Exports
  • Setup Reports


There was once a company that had to create quarterly reports on several sets of data. They were used to using Excel to create the tables and it was working well. Then I started there and decided to implement a database to track the project. Within 2 Quarters it took less than half the time to generate the same tables, and they could easily create several others without any additional work. They could also export the data in a format that was easily read by other software programs, making figure preparation faster and more reliable since numbers did not have to be reentered. I then went about creating Databases for all of the projects that they were working on.

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