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Course #Course TitleUnitsGradeGrade PtsSchool
INST261Faculty Orientation to Online Learning1A4Cerro Coso
INST262Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning1.5A4Cerro Coso
INST263A Practical Guide to Online Course Management Strategies1A4Cerro Coso
INST264Introduction To The Development of Web-based Content  A4Cerro Coso
INST266Survey of Course Management Software1A4Cerro Coso
INST267Introduction to Multimedia for Online Teaching1.5A4Cerro Coso
INST268Accessibility for Web Course Development1A4Cerro Coso
 4Cerro Coso GPA
ACCT 3Esstls of Acct3A4CSU Fresno
GEOG 115Violent Weather3CR CSU Fresno
HRM 150Adm Personnel3A4CSU Fresno
IT 102Industrial Computers3A4CSU Fresno
IT 104Product Design3A4CSU Fresno
IT 106Enrgy Conv+Util3A4CSU Fresno
IT 107Facilities Plng3A4CSU Fresno
IT 114Indus Materials3A4CSU Fresno
IT 115Cad Prin + Meth3A4CSU Fresno
IT 116Appl Visual Prog, Java3A4CSU Fresno
IT 117Qual Assurance3A4CSU Fresno
IT 118Prod Operations3A4CSU Fresno
IT 134Cam Systems I, CNC Programming3A4CSU Fresno
IT 147Adv Cad Applications, Solidworks3A4CSU Fresno
IT 148Proj Plan+Contrl, MS Project3B3CSU Fresno
IT 158Appl Comptr Net, Cisco3A4CSU Fresno
IT 177Cam Systems II, Robotics3A4CSU Fresno
IT 190Independ Study3A4CSU Fresno
IT 196Senior Seminar1CR CSU Fresno
IT 199Sr Prob Ind Tech3A4CSU Fresno
IT 223Mgt & New Tech3A4CSU Fresno
IT 280Res Methodology3A4CSU Fresno
IT 282Adv Com+Vis Pres3B3CSU Fresno
IT 283Adv Mat + Proc3B3CSU Fresno
IT 285Adv Manu Systems3A4CSU Fresno
IT 290Independ Study3A4CSU Fresno
IT 298Project3B3CSU Fresno
IT 74Manufact Process3A4CSU Fresno
IT 92Ind Safety Mgt3A4CSU Fresno
MBA 210Ldrshp&Org Behvr3A4CSU Fresno
MGT 110Adm Org Behavior6B3CSU Fresno
PHYS 2BGeneral Physics4A4CSU Fresno
PLSI 2Amer Govt Instit3A4CSU Fresno
SOC 131Soc of Sex Roles3B3CSU Fresno
 3.81CSU Fresno GPA
BA48ECommerce3C2Fresno City College
CAM 30CNC Programming6A4Fresno City College
EST 96Electrical Code3B3Fresno City College
RE40Real Estate Principles3A4Fresno City College
RE63Property Management3A4Fresno City College
 3.4Fresno City College GPA
ADM.JUS. 062 Intro To Corrections3A4Sierra College
ANTHRO. 002 Cultural Anthro 3A4Sierra College
ART/DES. 060 Intro Graphic Design3A4Sierra College
BIO.SCI. 010 Intro To Biology 3B3Sierra College
C.I.E. 010 Fund Comp Integ Elct4B3Sierra College
D.D. 006 Technical Drawing 4A4Sierra College
D.D. 021 Electronic Drafting 3B3Sierra College
D.D. 030 Civil Drafting 3A4Sierra College
D.D. 035AComp-Aided Draft Ia 3A4Sierra College
D.D. 035BComp-Aided Draft Ib 3A4Sierra College
D.D. 036 Comp-Aided Draft II3A4Sierra College
D.D. 038 Indus Applicatns Cad3A4Sierra College
D.D. 039 Three-Dimens. Model 3A4Sierra College
D.D. 050 Advanced Projects 2A4Sierra College
D.D. 064 Digital Graphics 3A4Sierra College
D.D. 095 Internship 1A4Sierra College
D.D. 095 Internship 1A4Sierra College
D.D. 095 Internship 1A4Sierra College
D.D. 095 Internship 4A4Sierra College
D.D. 095 Internship 2A4Sierra College
D.D. 095 Internship 2A4Sierra College
D.D. 095 Internship 4A4Sierra College
ECON. 001AFunds Of Economics 3A4Sierra College
ENGIN. 023 Eng Grpcs-Descr Geom3A4Sierra College
ENGLISH 001AComposition/Lit 3B3Sierra College
HISTORY 017BHist United States 3B3Sierra College
M.T. 010 Manufac Processes 3A4Sierra College
M.T. 050 Intro To Machining 3A4Sierra College
MATH. 013 Elem Statistics 4A4Sierra College
MATH. 029 Pre-Calculus Math 4D1Sierra College
MGT. 005 Mgmt Communications 3A4Sierra College
P.D. 006 Career Planning 3A4Sierra College
P.E. 024 Bowling 1A4Sierra College
P.E. 051 Folk/Line/Blrm Dance1A4Sierra College
P.E. 066 Self Defense 1A4Sierra College
P.E. 066 Self Defense 1A4Sierra College
PHIL. 004 Intro To Logic3A4Sierra College
PHOTO. 060AElem. Photography 2B3Sierra College
PHYSICS 002AGeneral Physics 4A4Sierra College
SPANISH 001 Elementary Spanish 4B3Sierra College
SPEECH 001AFundmntls Publc Spkg3A4Sierra College
 3.76Sierra College GPA
3.78Overall GPA
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