Monday, 19 February 2018
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Why Outsource? PDF Print E-mail

Why should I outsource My Drafting Work?

As you know having employees is expensive. By outsourcing your drafting work you do not need to pay the expenses associated with another draftsman.

But I already have a Draftsman on hand.

Good, are there times when you have more work than your current draftsman can handle? These are perfect times to outsource, you get the extra person when you need me, and I'm gone when you don't.

Where do you work?

It depends, I can either work at your site or mine. I have Solidworks 2008, and AutoCAD 2007. If you need work done in another application it may be better for me to work at your site.

Do you follow standards?

Yes, I follow general ANSI Standards. If you have specific drawing standards I can do the drawing to them. In this case I would request a template file that has layers and styles set up. If you don't have a Template file available we can discuss it.

How do we exchange files?

We can either exchange files with CDs or in person. Another method that I prefer is to exchange drawings online via is a free secure service that allows sharing of files, and includes good compression to make downloading files fast.

Do you do revisions?

Yes, before I send you the final drawing I will send you a proof to make sure it is what you want as a DWF. You can then check it, and if needed give me any redlines using Autodesk Design Review, which now includes free redlining tools.

How does billing work?

Before I start the project we will discuss my rate, as well as a time estimate. We will also decide whether payment will be made by a company check, or via Paypal.
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